Nexus Plate

The Nexus® range of steel cast-in plates offers the familiar scope of cast-in G300 steel plates for connections to precast panels. The anchorage of the plates into the concrete relies upon multiple steel headed studs rather than cut & bent reinforcing bar. The system also includes an adjustable-height positioning chair which rigidly supports the Nexus® cast-in plate to further simplify installation. Overall it is a fast-to-use, simple-to-specify, and robust solution for cast-in steel connections.

For more information contact your local Nexus branch.

All plates are G300 steel 12thk (for NX1, NX2) or 16thk (for NX3, NX4, NX5).
All studs are 380MPa min UTS steel (nom shaft dia16, nom head dia32) complying with AS1554.2.

Nexus PlateL (mm)B (mm)t (mm)H (mm)with ferrule?Stud ArrayMass (kg)
NX12002001285x2 x 24.33
NX1F2002001285yes2 x 24.47
NX220020012120x2 x 24.53
NX2F20020012120yes2 x 24.67
NX330020016120x3 x 28.64
NX440020016120x4 x 211.5
NX550020016120x5 x 214.4