Tilt-Up Lifting System

T-41 Ground Release Inserts

The ground release insert is a simple and fast method of lifting concrete tilt‐up wall panels into position and allows the hardware to be easily released from the ground.

Ladders are normally not required during the hardware release process greatly increasing worker safety and productivity.

T-41 Ground Release InsertT-41 Ground Release Insert
100mm Wire Frame Insert
125mm Wire Frame Insert
150mm Wire Frame Insert
160mm Wire Frame Insert
165mm Wire Frame Insert
170mm Wire Frame Insert
175mm Wire Frame Insert
180mm Wire Frame Insert
190mm Wire Frame Insert
200mm Wire Frame Insert
225mm Wire Frame Insert
250mm Wire Frame Insert
300mm Wire Frame Insert

Note: All other sizes can be made on request.

T-43-R Ground Release – Lifting Hardware

The new T‐43‐R Ground Release – Lifting Hardware unit offers the Tilt‐up contractor the latest and easiest‐to‐use tilt‐up lifting hardware unit on the market today.

This new lifting hardware unit is a simplified design and when combined with a superior system for the quick and efficient erection of tilt‐up concrete wall panels.



2.5Tx170mm Edge Lift Insert
5Tx240mm Edge Lift Insert
T41 Ground Release Spreader BeamsT41 GROUND RELEASE SPREADER BEAMS
The Ground Release Spreader Beam is supplied with two shackles required to attach the spreader beam to Ground Release Clutches. This system will eliminate many of the rigging changes that have been required on projects with very large panels.
T-75 Emergency Lifting PlateT-75 EMERGENCY LIFTING PLATE
The T–75 Emergency Lifting Plate is designed and tested for use as an emergency repair lift plate in special situations where a normal cast–in–place tilt–up face pickup insert is missing, tipped over, improperly located or otherwise unusable.